A quirky video that explains how big heat pumps and rivers underpin our society’s sustainability aspirations

Published by Brian Coyle on

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When Strathclyde University student Kenneth Little asked if a summer job would be possible at Star Renewable Energy he couldn’t possibly have imagined he’d be sending a simple story world wide.

The challenge was “tell the story of big heatpumps in a light hearted way without missing out the fundamental triple pillars of sustainability message”. (economics, society, environment)

Did he succeed?

You decide.

The river Thames has a flow rate and temperature profile that would allow most of London to draw it’s energy from this resource.

Like most major cities, it grew up next to a river. Trade, communication, food; they are all historical attributes of our big city rivers.

Now we can add “energy” to the benefits of rivers.

Simply put, by harnessing surplus low grade energy in the river we can burn less gas. Much less gas.

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