Drawing on nearly 40 years of industrial refrigeration experience, in 2009 Star Refrigeration launched a new range of high efficiency, “Natural working fluid” Heatpumps. Neatpumps, as we call them, are available with module capacities ranging from 500kW to 8000kW, the largest site to date is 14.3MW. Neatpumps can cool both water and secondary fluids including glycol, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Which Sector Are You From?

Public Sector

Heatpumps provide a variety of solutions for the public sector covering a wide selection of buildings such as hospitals, universities and local authority and council heating projects for the growing residential market.

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From the Whisky industry to Sugar Refineries, Pharmaceutical and beyond there is a variety of solutions from utilising waste heat, combining heating and cooling requirements and the potential to reach up to 120°C in certain applications.

District Heating heatpumps

District Heating

Large capacity systems for towns, campuses or large industrial complexes. The heat pumps can be optimised for new systems or designed to replace aging gas boilers/CHP by utilising natural sources such as rivers and air.

Unrivalled Efficiency

The Star Renewable Energy Neatpump is an industrial size heat pump that can extract heat from:

  • Rivers

  • Lakes

  • Sea water

  • Mineshafts

  • Aquifers

  • Air

  • Ground

  • Industrial waste streams

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Heatpumps reap various benefits across the board in both heating and cooling capacities:

Benefits of heating and cooling
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Neatpump, Star Renewable Energy's bespoke Heatpump, is a natural, efficient alternative to traditional methods of heating
for medium to large capacity applications across industry sectors.

Neatpump Technology

The Neatpump is a scalable technology which has been developed to meet decarbonisation targets without the cost, complexity and constraints associated with many renewable energy systems. Our water and air source heat pump projects include:

  • The world’s largest 90°C natural heat pump for district heating
  • UK’s largest residential air source heat pump halves the cost of energy for high-rise flats

Neatpump offers lower operating costs, higher overall site energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. By using ammonia, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant with zero global warming potential (GWP), the Neatpump has the capability to heat up to 85ºC without harmful HFCs.

If powered by renewable electricity the heat pumps offer low cost, zero carbon heating. The Neatpump can provide cooling, heating and desalination – all at the same time- and reach an efficiency of 7. For one unit of electricity, 4 units of heat and 3 units of cooling are generated.

Star’s large heat pumps have sufficient capacity to supply large buildings and entire cities with both district heating and cooling at a lower cost with a smaller environmental impact.

Some Neatpump projects boast zero global warming potential (GWP). Recent installations at Queens Quay, Clydebank and Drammen have made the practical case for large scale district heating programmes.

Having already paid for itself, and with annual savings of around €2m a year and 1.5m tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of taking more than 300,000 cars off the road for a year, it’s not hard to see why Star’s river source heat pump has exceeded all expectations.

Ivor Bakk, Drammen District Heating

Design & Build

As every project is unique, so are our Neatpumps. Built from the ground up to match the specifics of each individual project, we target the highest efficiency for every system.

Designed and manufactured at our facilities in Glasgow we look to supply our clients with the renewable system that matches their specific vision.

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Factory testing modular package design
  • Option for site manufactured bespoke solutions
  • District Cooling with Heating
Water-source heat pumps

Air Source Heatpumps

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Find out how we can utilise the very air itself to provide a renewable heat solution for your project.

Water Source Heatpumps

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Discover how we can use water sources to heat large scale industrial and residential applications.


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