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We are all more conscious than ever about our impact on the world around us. So much so that we have a legal obligation to put right the damage.





SRE at this stage is focussed on Heatpumps although other forms of low carbon or alternative energy may be added to the unit. Whilst heatpumps have been known in engineering circles since the late 1800s, market deployment has been limited to situations where “normal” sources of heat were constrained. Switzerland in the 1940s for example had a significant hydroelectricity resource but limited access to fossil fuel so began to deploy heatpumps for building and water heating.


Today in Northern Europe heating accounts for around 50% of the fuel consumed in society. In Britain this is half of approximately £32b/a fuel spend. Heatpumps can deliver energy harvested from one place in a ratio of upto 10:1 vs “drive fuel consumed”. Typically this fuel being electricity.



All heatpumps have a varying Coefficient of Performance (or COPh) depending on many factors such as temperature of source, temperature of demand, working fluid inside the system, major component design and system design.

Star Refrigeration’s work at Drammen in Norway was a seminal moment in heatpump design. For the first time in history a system delivered 90°C using ammonia and at 14000kW this is more than just a pilot plant. The use of heat is varied across several businesses including houses which alone would number 6000 or so. With sources of heat increasingly understood including rivers, sewage treatment plants, process industries, datacentres, and underground aquifers, large heatpumps in pretty much any location in the UK can be considered viable for 500kW and 70°C or even bigger.

Heatpumps offer lower carbon, lower cost and lower emission heat. Now we can reach over 70°C they aren’t just for ultramodern buildings.

Dave Pearson
Star Renewable Energy


Recent Awards




J&E HallGold Medal
The most noteworthy practical contribution in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump/ Awarded to: Dave Pearson, Star Renewable Energy.


Champion of Renewables
Ongoing dedication to the renewable heating sector/ Awarded to: Dave Pearson.


Alan Moor award
For his dedication and advocacy on behalf of the industry/ Awarded to: Dave Pearson.



Award for Project Excellence
District heating and cooling scheme/ Awarded to: Dr Andy Pearson.


Corporates for Good
Adopted pioneering practices with a focus on the environment/ Awarded to: Star Renewable Energy.


Rittinger Award
In recognition of his groundbreaking research, design and development work in the field of heat pump technology/ Awarded to: Dr. Andy Pearson.


Meet the SRE team



David Pearson – Group Sustainable Development Director

David has worked in the vapour compression industry for more than 22 years, and has a detailed understanding of high temperature ammonia applications and industrial processes. With many businesses focused on a greener future with a lower carbon footprint, David can advise on waste heat and renewable sources.



Nicky Cowan – Manager SRE

With a degree in chemical engineering and a background working in the oil and gas sector, Nicky developed an eye for detail which he now lends to the world of renewables – specifically heat pumps.

Having worked with Star Renewable Energy for over half a decade and his involvement in ground-breaking projects such as the Queens Quay redevelopment, Nicky can provide advice on early conceptual thinking around projects of all shapes and sizes through to detailed design.