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Combined heating and cooling Neatpump gives Nestle free hot water


Client Nestle
Equipment Ammonia Heatpump
Location Halifax

In a bid to reduce the heating and cooling demand at the Nestle chocolate factory in Halifax, Star were challenged to create a bespoke solution which was more efficient than the current coal fired boilers.

The challenge was to utilise a heat pump that drew electrical energy and thereby reduced the load on the proposed replacement coal fired boiler. Star devised a heat pump which used ammonia as the refrigerant and screw compressors up to 90°C, enabling the technology to comfortably take heat from the 0°C process glycol at -5°C and lift it to 60°C in one stage for heating. The new plant provides both heating and cooling, consuming £120,000 less in electricity than the previous cooling only plant. This results in an annual saving of £143,000 in heating costs and reduces Nestle’s yearly carbon emissions by 119,100kg.