Industrial Heatpumps

Large scale Industrial Heating processes


Most industrial heat pumps which can be found within the sugar refineries or whisky distilleries require a sufficient amount of heating and cooling to manufacture their product. By utilising a water or air source heat pump instead of burning fuel you can drastically reduce the carbon emissions on site.

Often seen as the most difficult area to decarbonise due to the high temperatures that are required.
Solutions exist to tackle these hard to reach areas can go up to 180°C for specific applications but it is always important to first evaluate the site and look at what temperatures are required.

Most industrial sites will utilise heat in the form of water and steam at a variety of conditions and it may be that a lower temperature industrial heat pump can tackle the majority of heat on-site and the ultra-high temperature heat pump can tackle the rest.

Case Study: Industrial Heat Pump for Nestle

Nestle Halifax

In a bid to reduce the heating and cooling demand at the Nestle chocolate factory in Halifax, Star were challenged to create a bespoke solution which was more efficient than the current coal fired boilers.

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