Industrial Air Source Heat Pumps


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) can be utilised in a multitude of different applications to displace the burning of fuels.



Star Renewable Energy manufacture large scale industrial air source heat pumps to lead on district heating schemes to replacing gas heating systems on industrial facilities.



Industrial Air Source Heat Pump Features


  • Ammonia refrigerant
  • Water off temperature: up to 70°C
  • Minimum capacity 300kWs. Maximum per unit 1MW multiple units can be linked together.

The industrial air source heat pump can be delivered in two separate ways;

As a complete single skid package. If there is no room on the roof then this all in one solution can be situated on the ground where all you will need to do is connect the flow and return pipes and an electricity supply.

Alternatively, you can have the evaporator remote. This allows flexibility, especially in hard to decarbonise locations that are too remote for alternatives. You can situate the evaporator fan bed on the roof of your building and have the rest of the skid inside a plant room. The flow and return pipes connect to the skid as does the electrical cable. There is additional work in running the refrigerant pipes up to the roof to connect to the evaporator fan bed.


Design Details

As with our water source heat pumps, our air source heat pumps are bespoke designed for each individual application to ensure the highest efficiency.

Click on the image to the right for some insights on best practice.

SRE Design Tips