General Considerations

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General Considerations when selecting an ASHP

Operating Conditions:

When looking for an ASHP it is important to know at which ambient condition you required the design capacity to cover. For example; you require 400kWs – but at which outdoor temperature? This is important because a heat pumps capacity varies with source temperature (less capacity when colder and more when warmer)

Physical Size:

Due to the physical properties of air, we required a lot of it to generate heat when looking at large buildings or district heating scenarios which leads to large units. A 400kW ASHP (5°C ambient) will be 8m long x 3m wide

Cold Air Release:

It is important to think about that as we draw air through the evaporator we remove heat. On a cold day this could mean X amount of kWs of  negative Y DegC air being blow out across a roof or onto the ground risking damage to the surrounding area. A study should be carried out to see if any impact will be made.