SRE to share Community Heating Plans

Published by Brian Coyle on

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Star Renewable Energy have been invited to share their plans for  a community heating area in Glasgow; specifically how this project can be delivered at no cost to the residents or local community. Director, Dave Pearson will describe how the large heatpump technology will be able to harness local heat, probably from an underground river and boost this using Star’s Neatpump technology to over 70C.

In doing so, the community will be able to shift from burning gas and electricity directly, two fuels with a high carbon content.

However the purpose of the project is to reduce the cost to the resident and Star believe that by harnessing the local heat this can be done at a considerably lower cost and without any local emissions of greenhouse gases or combustion particles.

A key part of the plan will be to define the areas that will be supported using project finance from the ECO funds, Renewable Heat Incentive and start-up acceleration funds. Dave commented, “Too often great projects don’t get to the start-up line. We have to change this or the least well off in our community will be stuck with the highest fuel bills. Star and our partners will change this.”

Email [email protected] and request a copy of the prezi.