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Star have support student projects over several years. Indeed it is fair to say without the support of two student in 2009 the project for what is still the world’s largest 90C ammonia heatpump in Drammen would not have been won.

Since then projects have shown that Glasgow University could harvest significant thermal resource from the River Kelvin (over 4MW) since backed up by detailed assessment by Atkins, Jacobs and most recently ARUPS.

Other projects have assessed the opportunity to increase the power cycle by harvesting waste heat to reduce fuel burn.

So with our future not only the destiny of younger generations but younger generations capable of defining suitable solutions it is a pleasure to be addressing the ESIC event in Edinburgh.

I had the pleasure of demonstating that domestic refrigerations could run on hydrocarbon in 1989- and now 80% sold in Europe are. I also worked on a long running project to measure refrigerant blend to help move forward from R22 in 1995.

I’d urge every firm to mentor masters projects and CeeD Scotland has excellent contacts with most of the major Scottish Universities and can facilitate an introduction.- Dave