Neatpump is a natural alternative to traditional methods of heating for medium to large capacity applications.

Neatpump captures waste heat from cooling or refrigeration processes and boosts this to produce high grade heat suitable for generating hot water up to 90°C. This results in a lower carbon footprint heating solution that also reduces running costs.

Spray Chiller Evaporator Electric Motor Modular Approach Heat Exchangers Natural Working Fluids Controls Steel Base Frame

Spray Chiller Evaporator

Designed to cope with extremely aggressive water compositions without the need for an intermediate loop.

Electric Motor

High efficiency IE4 air cooled motor (can be water cooled).
Option available for variable speed drive.

Modular Approach

Tailor made to meet specific client designs in a modular approach.

Heat Exchangers

Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers to minimise refrigerant charge and optimise system efficiency.

Natural Working Fluids

The Neatpump uses ammonia, a 0 GWP and 0 ODP refrigerant making it 2050 ready.

Other refrigerants will be considered where applicable.


Bespoke heat pump controls design in house to allow accurate monitoring and precision control.

Control panel can be fitted on the skid or placed remotely in a dedicated control room.

Steel Base Frame

Fully welded steel base frame, for rigid construction and long life.